Terms and Conditions
The Safari Tour,

The Safari Tour (hereinafter referred to as the TOUR) is a year long TOUR played in Kenya and the East Africa region. The TOUR is the exclusive property of the Kenya Open Golf Ltd (KOGL).

Goals Of The Tour

The main goals of the TOUR will include, but not limited to;

- Ranking system to determine entry into the Kenya Open (and any other tournament organised for professionals by KOGL including the TOUR itself) for both Kenyan and non-Kenyan golf professionals.

- Golf Development – working with the Amateur Golf organisations, the TOUR will include golf development elements for elite amateur golfers and junior golfers.

- Capacity Building – host clubs of the various TOUR legs will be encouraged to technically run their respective legs and to set up their golf courses as they would for the Kenya Open – preparing them to host the Kenya Open or major regional and international golf events in the future.

- Sponsorship and Marketing – the TOUR will offer sponsors and official partners of the KOGL extra opportunities through the game of golf, to expose their brands and receive better returns on their investment dollars.

Dates & Venues Of The Tour

The TOUR will be played around the country and the region on dates and venues determined in consultation with the appropriate stakeholders and published by the KOGL The last event of the TOUR will be staged four weeks BEFORE the Kenya Open.


The Safari Tour is open to any professional golfer and to invited amateur and junior golfers. There are no restrictions to nationality or gender. The Safari Tour reserves the right to refuse participation to anyone.

Players under the age of 18 years MUST play as amateurs (no exceptions).

The Safari Tour welcomes both members and non-members to all its events, however, preference is given to members of the Tour.

Members of the Tour will be required to sign both the TOUR Conditions of Play and the TOUR Code of Conduct.

Each event on the TOUR is open to any golf professionals upon payment of a tournament entry fee. The entry fee for each event on the TOUR will confer temporary membership to each player for each event.

Membership process is as detailed in 'Membership Application' below


- To participate in any Safari Tour event, players must register through www.safaritour.golf.  Players are to note that data and information provided for and generated by Safari Tour may be shared with their Professional Association (s). The Safari Tour may also collect data and information from the Professional Associations.

- Entries for all Safari Tour events will open early and close by 1700hours one week before each Tournament start date.

- For an application to be complete, payment must be received by 17.00 hrs THREE DAYS prior to the Tournament start date. Non-payment will exclude the player from the tournament.

Waiting List Procedure

In the event of oversubscription, priority for registration will be given to Safari Tour members, foreign or visiting professionals, amateur and junior golfers and non-members in that order.

Amateurs and Junior golfers

Amateurs and junior golfers may participate in Safari Tour events by invitation. According to the Rules of Amateur golf, amateurs are ineligible for cash prizes.

Tournament Format

The Safari Tour events will consist of the following;

- The Pro-Am is an integral part of the Tour and shall be played on the day before the commencement of the Tournament

- Four (4) rounds (72 holes) stroke play played from Sunday to Wednesday – or as advertised. The Tournament organizers reserve the right to cut down the number of competitive rounds.

The Cut
- A CUT will be applied after 36 holes – top 20 plus ties (or as contained in the conditions of play if different). Amateurs who meet the cut will however be excluded for the purposes of determining the number of pros in the cut number.

- POINTS – only those players making the cut will be eligible for ranking points. The number of points awarded per leg will vary depending on the prize purse (see Appendix 1). The distribution will be to all players making the cut – excluding amateurs.  In the event that the cut is modified, the points to be awarded will be included in the conditions of play of the tournament.

- Should there be a tie for 1st place, the tie will be broken by a sudden death playoff after all scores have been officially approved and posted.  The designated starting hole for a playoff will be hole #18 or as otherwise advised by the Tournament Organisers.

86 Rule
Any player shooting 86 or higher during the first round will be cut from the field.

All events on the Safari Tour are WALKING – no golf carts are permitted. Caddies may NOT use pull carts.

Tournament Fields

The maximum field is 156 players.The minimum field is 30 players. Events that register less than 30 players may be cancelled at the discretion of the Tournament organisers.

Prize Money Breakdown

The prize money breakdown will be as follows where the cut has been designated as first 20 and ties. The computation may be changed where the cut has been modified by the organisers and will be included in the pre-tournament information to the players.

Inte event that there are no (or limited number of) players meeting category Bhen that portion of the purse or unused part will be retained by the SafariTur.

Category A Prize (70% of purse)
Open Scoring
1.      15%
2.      10%
3.      8%
4.      7.5%
5.      7%
6.      6.5%
7.      6%
8.      5.25%
9.      4.5%
10.    4%
11.     3.75%
12.    3.5%
13.    3.25%
14.    3%
15.    2.75%
16.    2.5%
17.    2.25%
18.    2%
19.    1.75%
20.    1.5%
Category B Prize (30% of purse)
(Aggregate Score -3 or better)
1.      15%
2.      10%
3.      8%
4.      7.5%
5.      7%
6.      6.5%
7.      6%
8.      5.25%
9.      4.5%
10.    4%
11.     3.75%
12.    3.5%
13.    3.25%
14.    3%
15.    2.75%
16.    2.5%
17.    2.25%
18.    2%
19.    1.75%
20.    1.5%

Prize Money Distribution

All prize money payments will be made directly to the players’ bank account (or by cheque) as provided on the online registration form.

No payments will be made unless the player has provided their Tax Identification.

For Kenyan players, KRA PINs must be provided for Withholding Tax (WHT) purposes. For foreign players, the tax rate under the law for WHT for non-residents will apply.

This applies for tournaments in countries other than Kenya where the local tax conditions will apply.

Players are advised to familiarize themselves with the local tax conditions.

Players who withdraw after the CUT – due to medical or family emergencies will receive the last place payment.

This will be at the discretion of the tournament promoter.

Withdrawals & No Shows

Players may Withdraw for any reason by giving written notice by 1700Hrs, two days before the tournament start date. If a player withdraws after this deadline, the player will waive his entry fee to the tournament.

Withdrawals due to Medical and Personal emergencies, after the deadline, will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. No Shows will NOT receive a refund and may be subject to disciplinary action which can include a fine not exceeding double the entry fee and also ineligibility to enter a prescribed number of subsequent events.

Tournament Check in

Players are required to check-in at the Safari Tour tournament offices at each venue by 17.00 hrs two days before the tournament start date.

Tee Time Procedure

Official tee times will be posted by 1200Hrs, on the day prior to the first round.

The draw will be posted at the venue Pro-Shop and the Safari Tour online platforms.

Late to the Tee

The player must start at the time established by the Committee. The Tour requires players to be present on the tee box of their designated starting hole at least five minutes before the scheduled tee time.

The Tour incorporates the note under Rule 6-3b, thus if the player arrives at his starting hole ready to play, within five minutes after his starting time, the penalty for failure to start on time is two strokes at the first hole.

After five minutes, the penalty for breach of this Rule is disqualification. The clocks on the starting tees are the “Official Time”.

Practice Rounds

Official practice round days are 1 to 2 days before the official Pro-Am. The practice rounds are FREE to all participants when walking. Players will have to pay for a cart, if used, during practice rounds.
− Players need to call the host course to arrange tee times.
− There will be NO practice rounds available during any pro-am tournament.

Player Attire

Participants at all Safari Tour events must wear appropriate golf attire - Long Pants/Slacks, collared shirts, appropriate golf shoes and hats. Golf attire depicting any political, religious or inappropriate/offensive message will not be permitted.

Players must observe proper etiquette during at Safari Tour functions including practice rounds, Pro-Ams, golf clinics, meetings, prize giving ceremonies and so on.

Rainouts Or Extreme Weather Conditions

All decisions for tournaments affected by rain or extreme conditions will be made on a case-by-case basis by the Tour officials.

Any weather-shortened tournament is official only after 36 holes, with Tour officials making every effort to complete as many rounds as possible.

Play may be extended an extra day, but not beyond. No partial rounds will count. A tournament may be cancelled if 36-holes cannot be completed.

Preferred Lies Guidelines

Rules for Preferred Lies will be published from venue to venue on a need to need basis.

Pro Am Tournament

The Safari Tour Pro-Am event is part and parcel of each Tournament in the Tour. Golf professionals are expected to participate in the Pro-Am and must make themselves available. The Safari Tour Tournament promoters will publish the Pros assigned to the Pro-Am on the Friday before the tournament week.

Junior Clinic

The Safari Tour will include Junior Clinics before the Tournament. The clinics will be held at a designated time of the Tournament week. Each clinic will require 5-10 professionals to conduct. Safari Tour members are expected to volunteer for clinics each week.

NOTE: Every Safari Tour member is required to help conduct clinics during the season. It is the responsibility of every player to attend the clinic for which they volunteer or find a replacement. Players failing to attend are subject to discipline by the Tour Director and will not be chosen for future clinics. In addition to these participants, professionals playing in or near their hometown are expected to participate in the junior clinic. It is very important for local players to represent the Safari Tour and give back to the local community that supports them.

Driving Range

The Safari Tour Tournament organisers will publish Range hours for each venue. Players must comply with each venue’s local range rules.

Course Markings

Wherever possible, the Safari Tour Tournament organisers will provide additional course yardage markings.


Immediately after completion of a round, the players are to bring their scorecards to the scoring tent, check them, and return them to the scoring volunteers.

Once the player has turned in his scorecard and left the boundary of the scoring area, the scorecard is considered returned.

During the round, at specific scoring checkpoints, the player may be asked for his scorecard by a Tour official or volunteer in order to update the on-course leader boards. These requests will be made as unobtrusively as possible, and the cooperation by the player is required and greatly appreciated.

Caddie Regulations

Players are encouraged to employ caddies for all practice, Pro-am, and tournament rounds. The Caddie Fee applicable shall the normal club fee in force at the time of the tournament. A player may bring his own caddie or hire a local caddie, if available.  Local caddies shall be paid promptly and daily.
Players shall be responsible for the conduct and behavior of their caddies at tournaments.  The following shall be adhered to in all Tour tournaments:
− Players are responsible for calling host courses for the availability of local caddies.
− Caddies MUST wear a Tour supplied caddie bib during each tournament round
− Caddies may NOT use pull/push carts during tournament play – No Exceptions
− Caddies must wear appropriate golf wear. Golf spikes and flip flops are prohibited.
− Caddies shall assist in maintaining the course by REPLACING DIVOTS AND RAKING BUNKERS as soon as possible after their players have played.
− Caddies shall not hit shots or putts anywhere on the practice areas or course.

Player Conduct

The Safari Tour expects all players to conduct themselves as professionals. Club throwing, offensive language, destruction of property, and any other conduct deemed by the Tournament Committee to be unbecoming of a professional will not be tolerated. Alcohol consumption during tournament rounds will not be tolerated.

Equipment / Groove Policy

See Safari Tour Local Rules

Electronic Devices

See Safari Tour Local Rules

Safari Tour ranking

The Safari Tour will run an Order of Merit based on  points accumulated during the season.

A total of 210 points will be awarded per leg with the winner getting 20 points and the 20th placed player getting one (1) point in each of the prize (A and B) categories. In the event that the cut is modified, the points to be awarded will be included in the conditions of play of the tournament.

The ranking will be the cumulative points earned by the player divided by the total number of events that have been played in the tour at the point of ranking. If a player misses an event for whatever reason, the divisor will still be total events played in the tour at the point of ranking. At the end of each season the ranking points will be locked and the ranking points for the following season added to the locked points from the prior year to determine the ranking at the point in the new season.

The player ranking will be published on the Safari Tour website the day after  the event.

Media Rights

The Safari Tour reserves the following Media Rights - Television, radio, film and all other electronic media rights include the right to broadcast, display, publish or otherwise exhibit (in any manner howsoever) in all and any forms of media (including, but not limited to, television, radio, motion picture, print, video, CD, DVD, interactive media of any kind, multi-media, internet, website, mobile telephony and communication and other similar opportunities) the proceedings, or any part thereof, at all Safari Tour sanctioned tournaments or any other golfing related event conducted in conjunction with, or sanctioned by the Safari Tour.

All rights referred to, all photographic rights and all rights in all statistical and scoring data and information shall be granted and assigned to the Safari Tour, which accepts such grant and assignment.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is a condition of membership that all members grant and assign such rights to the Safari Tour and each member will be deemed to have done so on taking up membership. As a result of the grant and the assignment, all such rights shall be the property of and expressly reserved by and to the Safari Tour, and any use thereof without the express written consent of the Safari Tour shall be prohibited.

Membership Application

Membership application to the Safari Tour will only be accepted through www.safaritour.golf.

Once applications are received, they will be processed for approval and login credentials sent via email to the applicant. The email will give further instructions on payment of membership fees where applicable and Terms and Conditions of the Safari Tour.

Only players meeting the eligibility requirements will be registered and receive a Player Identification (Player ID) and unique Password. The Player ID will give players access to personal accounts on the Safari Tour platform.

Membership is only open to golf professionals who are:
- already members of a Professional Golf Association
- Designated Associates and whom the Board considers will enhance the standing and reputation of the Safari Tour through membership
- Invited Amateurs
-- Open to any Amateur player, as defined under The R&A Rules of Amateur Status, eligible to compete in the Safari Tour.
-- East African Amateur members are required to hold a maximum officially recognized handicap of 4.4 (four point four).
-- International Amateur members are required to hold an officially recognized handicap of 1.4 (one point four) or better at the time of registration for each tournament.

IMPORTANT: Safari Tour members agree to have their names and images (photo and/or video) used to promote the Tour. The Tour will not pay for images or names so used to promote the Tour.

− TOUR Membership (annual 2019/20) – USD $100
− Tournament Membership (amateurs) - Free

- Tournament entry fee (members 2019/20) - US$ 30
- Tournament entry fee (non-members 2019/20) - US$ 50
- Tournament entry fee (amateurs 2019/20) - Free

Membership benefits will include:
- Reduced entry fees into TOUR events.
- TOUR ranking – only members of the TOUR will be eligible for ranking.

Code of Conduct

On becoming a Member of the Safari Tour, each member voluntarily submits himself to standards of behavior and ethical conduct beyond those required of ordinary golfers and members of the public. The Safari Tour must represent a hallmark of honesty, fair dealings, courtesy and sportsmanship, which each Member is bound to honor at all times, on or off the golf course.

It is impossible to define the exact standard of conduct expected from Members in all circumstances or to list all acts which would amount to a breach of the Code and lead to disciplinary sanctions. In most cases, common sense should tell the Member the standard of behavior that is required. Any Member who has any doubts as to the conduct expected of him should contact a Safari Tour official for advice.


In most circumstances the following acts or omissions will be considered to be contrary to the Safari Tour Code of conducts. If it is established that a player has breached one or more of these, a penalty will be imposed. These guidelines are designed to assist Safari Tour officials and Members in identifying the standard of conduct and ethics expected from Safari Tour Members and to set out procedures to be followed where there may have been a breach of the same.

1. Etiquette. Failure to comply with normally accepted standards of courtesy and golf etiquette is considered a serious offence. This includes but is not limited to:
- Failure to repair divots
- Failure to repair pitch marks
- Failure to ensure that a bunker is correctly raked after use
- Driving a buggy against the rules of the club
- Parking a buggy on tee boxes or close to greens
- Shirts pulled out of trousers or shorts
- Golf cap on backwards
- Throwing clubs
- Swearing (as can be heard by guests, spectators or officials)Damaging property belonging to the Safari Golf Tour, Venue or any other
- Presenting oneself (for play or any other activity associated with the Tour) under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Note: Failure to comply with above will result in an automatic fine of US$150, which will double up for subsequent offences. Fine to be paid prior to registration at next tournament

2.  Behavior of a personal nature, which is generally unacceptable by normal social standards, is prohibited.
3.  Conduct likely to injure or discredit the reputation of the Safari Tour or any of its Members or conduct, which is contrary to Safari Tour Rules or Regulations, is prohibited.
4.  Failure to report a breach of the Safari Tour Code of Conduct by another Member when that Member is aware of the breach or should reasonably have realized that a breach may have occurred as well as failure to co-operate in any enquiry is subject to penalty.
5.  Rules of Golf. Members are required to comply with the Rules of Golf as amended by Local Rules in force at any event and further comply with Conditions of Competition Regulations or other rules, by- laws, directions or instructions as specified by the Safari Tour, which shall be deemed to incorporate the relevant provisions of the Safari Tour Code of Conduct.
6.  Deliberate breach of the Rules of Golf is considered a serious offence. If a player is disqualified from 2 tournaments for what is deemed a deliberate breach of the Rules of Golf it will automatically result in a cancellation of membership for that season. If the breach is considered such a serious breach of the Rules of Golf involving behavior of a personal nature that player will automatically have his membership revoked. No refund of membership fee or entry fees will be approved.
7.  Goodwill. Safari Tour Members are required to act at all times in the best interests of the Safari Tour and the game of golf.

Ranking points

Points Awarded
position band 1-20 after cut band 2-20 after cut band 3-20 after cut
prize purse from US$ 10,000 to US$ 24,999 prize purse from US$ 25,000 to US$ 49,999 prize purse of over US$ 50,999
1 50 75 100
2 48 71 95
3 45 68 90
4 43 64 85
5 40 60 80
6 38 56 75
7 35 53 70
8 33 49 65
9 30 45 60
10 28 41 55
11 25 38 50
12 23 34 45
13 20 30 40
14 18 26 35
15 15 23 30
16 13 19 25
17 10 15 20
18 8 11 15
19 5 8 10
20 3 4 5
total 525 788 1050
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